Saturday, June 5, 2010

What will today bring?

I finally decided on the book I will use as part of my altered book project for a yahoo group to which I belong. I found an old copy of "The Red Badge of Courage" at a local used book store. Since the book has no value (according to the collector at the store), I'll begin altering it later this evening. There is just something about tearing pages out of a book which bothers me, but....I will persevere and join the journey to create an altered book. I'll share pictures as I go along (if I can figure out how to upload). If you're really interested in this type of altered art check out the following site It's a site started by one of our guides in this journey.
I'm also working on a couple of swaps for this same group and will also share those as they are completed.
Enjoy your weekend and remember to take time for you each day.


  1. You will have fun altering your book. Love the pink color of your blog.

  2. Welcome to the world of blogging. It is fun and I think you'll find yourself enjoying it more every day. Your start is good. Kerry P.