Sunday, September 23, 2012

Challenge Four

It took me a while, but I completed Challenge four for the Cropped event.
Challenge four required me to use circles, the color teal and seven.  I started with the photos I wanted to use, then added a sheet of teal paper supplied from the box of goodies for the challenge event and then I stopped!  My brain just froze trying to decide which direction to use for the page.  After shuffling paper for a bit, I decided to use more of the paper from my goodie box, strategically cutting out circles to be used on the page.
There are definitely more than seven circles on the page - see if you can find all the circles (they have to be a complete circle and not a portion).  I added Glossy accents, pure glitz and glitter liner to some of the words I'd cut from the paper to give pop to certain words and phrases.  The title is cut on my Cricut with design courtesy of my Gypsy.
Let me know what you think.
And remember to......have fun.


  1. There are circles in the yellow background paper...does that count?

  2. Rita,
    Every complete circle counts. They cant be cut off even partially.