Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Christmas is over and things are settling back to normal for most of us.  I've not had much to share of late as the items I was making were for gifts.  But now that they've all found new homes, I can share them with you.
My husband works in a predominately female workplace, so coming up with interesting gifts can be challenging.  This year he asked if I had any ideas, and it just so happens I did.  While on the t!m Holtz Cruise, we learned how to alter these fun watch parts.  I took this idea and made up a few watches of my own.
This is the watch we learned to make on the cruise.  The next 4 are the ones created for gifts.

It's difficult to photograph these little buggers, as they cast their own internal shadows no matter the angle.  Ah, well I hope you enjoy.
I also made for my daughter a fun holder for her distress ink pads (or any ink pad for that matter).  I started with a wooden cigar box with a sliding top.  Sanded it, painted it, ink stained it and added papers I knew she'd love.  I added gears and actual watch parts to carry out the theme.
Right side
 Left side
My apologies for the angled photos.  Seems Blogger is not my friend tonight.
Ah, well,  I'm off to see what awaits me tomorrow.
I hope you enjoyed the photos and remember to ....have fun!!!
Until tomorrow,


  1. Wow, everything turned out wonderfully!!

  2. Wonderful ART...you go girl!!! I know the ladies that received the watches are thrilled and what a wonderful ink pad box you created!

  3. Dawn this is GORGEOUS!!! I known your sister was totally blown away by this piece!!!!!

  4. Santa sure was good to R. Everything you make is just awesome!!

  5. Dawn, thanks for stopping in to say hello on my blog. I had to come check yours out but it looks like you haven't been creating for a while and I'm a little sad because your work is amazing!!! I LOVE your creations here! OMGosh, they are gorgeous! Would love to see more from you! Let me know when you make a new post and I'll come visit again! I am following you now. :0)

    XO ~ Amy Jo (new follower)
    amyjrockstar at gmail dot com